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Rented property for sale in Santander for real estate investment.

Zancajo Osorio, 8, Santander, Cantabria

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Publication date on 25/11/2021

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This is your opportunity to invest in SANTANDER

Unique property in the neighborhood of Castilla-Hermida, in Santander.

The area has a population density of 100 inhabitants/Ha, with households having an average income of €22,714/year. The composition of the majority households is made up of two adults without children with 48%. Most of the houses in the area, 34.1%, were built during the years 1960-1969. Dwellings in the 76-90 m² interval are predominant in the area, constituting 31.7% of the total.

Property on the third floor of a building built in 1971 and in a medium state of conservation. It has 77m2. Property orientation: South. The property is located in the neighborhood of Castilla-Hermida, one of the most populated in Santander, near the city center and the port. It is well connected, within walking distance of schools, cultural facilities, shopping, leisure and restaurant areas. Close to urban bus and less than 15 minutes walk from the train station. You want to know more?

Characteristics of the property
Flat Good condition
m2 built 71 m2
m2 useful 61.74 m2
Year of construction 1971
Energy consumption
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