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You are a real estate investor, now what?

Choosing wisely the real estate product where to deposit your assets is the first stone to financial freedom. And we do not claim that it is a small stone but it will be the next steps to take that determine the scope and success of your investment.

Among the following decisions to be made we will find the dilemma of whether to manage the property ourselves or give it to a third party to do it for us.

This last option has many advantages and allows you to live carefree, it has a cost that is usually a percentage of your income but you may not have such wide margins or that you are passionate about the idea of being able to manage the property yourself, that have the soul of a landlord.

Managing his or his properties yourself is no longer such an arduous task since the Proptech software has emerged as they can help to easily and conveniently manage the property.

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Property invoices, communications with the community or the contracts themselves ..

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Monitoring and control of income and expenses, key to good management.

Comunicacion con inquilino y gestion de incidencias de la propiedad


Manage incidents of the property and communication with the tenant.

Optimización de tiempo


In answering emails, balancing accounts and managing the rest of the property.

Properly managing your property has a impact on the profitability of your investment


Being home today is easy with tools like those of Rentger, an online software that allows the comprehensive management of your property with a simple and intuitive control panel.

In Rentger you can manage and have under control everything related to your rental having at your fingertips a tool adapted to your needs from the signing of the online contract to the collection of the rent online, from the management of communications with your tenants to reminders of important dates, from tax returns to total control over profitability. One click, at any time, from anywhere

  • Monitoring of collections and payments
  • Control panel
  • Adapted prices
  • Tax calculation and presentation