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If you are a tenant and the owner of the property where you live or develop your business is thinking of selling it, surely you have many questions and doubts. At Inviertis we are going to try to solve them all.

What do we do at Inviertis?
Inviertis Expertise is finding investors to buy Rental Properties with tenants.

At Inviertis, we make profitable properties available to investors. That is, they have tenants. We do this for two reasons;

Services to Landords

The first is to service the owner where you are for rent. Not all owners are the same, but they do have the same need: to sell. The reasons are varied: inheritances, separations, need for cash, etc.

Facilitate the investment process

The second is to facilitate the investment process for those who want to invest in properties. We achieve this when we find properties that meet certain requirements in terms of location, property condition and profitability.

But the most important thing is YOUR

We firmly believe that it does not make sense that there are investors right now looking for empty properties in your area or city to put them up for rent and that at the same time a tenant has to look for a new property to live in.

The tenant is important, VERY IMPORTANT

Without you, Inviertis is meaningless. Invest exists because you exist. We want our investors to enjoy the maximum profitability that their new property offers them and for this, you are essential. The tenants of the properties in Inviertis are the ones who create value.

At Inviertis we do not work with expected returns, we do not speculate on the future value of the property or future income. We care about the present and being able to secure the future.


The owner of the flat or house where I live wants to sell ... what can I do?

If the owner of the property where you live has contacted you to inform you of his decision to sell, you have several options to consider:

  1. Buy it! If the property meets what you are looking for in a home and you would like to buy it, do not hesitate to notify the owner, make him a reasonable offer and enjoy your home. If you need help with the purchase process or obtaining financing, we will be happy to help.
  2. Assist in the sale of the property and ensure continuity in the rental and a good relationship with the new owner. That does not mean that you have to endure afternoons visiting your home, we will only go once to take photos and do an inspection with an architect.
  3. Not helping in the sale. In the event that you make the decision of not allownig us to take photos, for example, you will leave few options for the owner. Actually two; sell despite your lack of collaboration surely cheaper or ask you to leave at the end of the contract to be able to sell it empty.

When the property is sold....
Am I going to be asked to leave or am I going to pay more?

Although the LAU (urban leasing law) provides that after the transfer of the property, the new owner can ask the tenants to leave the property in a period of three months or claim it for himself after the first year, that never matters. .

components.soyInquilino.En Inviertis trabajamos y nos esforzamosInvestors want the profitability of the rent you pay. For them it has a double advantage; The first is that they do not sacrifice profitability and that they already have information about the tenant. They wouldn't bother looking for a property with occupants if it were not so.

At the signing of the purchase and sale contract, the new buyer is subrogated (that is, that they “inherit” them) their rights (collect the rent) and their obligations (take care of the property, respond to incidents, pay taxes) in front of a notaryThe investor's objective is to keep the tenants who already live in the property and respect the contract with all its clauses, at least until its completion.

I still have questions …

We summarize below some of the questions that we think may cross your mind. If you have any others, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer them.

¿Estoy obligado a enseñar el piso o dejar que entre el fotógrafo?
No, in the most of cases. Although it is almost inevitable in a sale process, there are many investors who do not need to see the property.

However, it does not make much sense that you refuse, that would hinder the sale but, for what? It makes you a bad tenant and they will have to wait for your lease to end to ask you to leave because then they will have to sell it empty.

Where it will be strictly necessary to access and there would be no legal basis to prevent access to an architect either to prepare the CEE, carry out a technical inspection or the certificate of habitability in those autonomous communities that require it.

What will happen when the contract ends?
The same thing that would have happened at the end of the contract with the previous landlord.

According to the conditions of your contract, they will have to notify you at least one month before the end of the contract, with the new LAU- Urban Leasing Law, up to four months. If the new owner is thinking of renegotiating the conditions, he will also have to do it with you in advance.

Will they respect my rental contract?
During the buying and selling process, the new owner will acknowledge that there is a rental contract in front of a notary public and will subrogate the rights and obligations of the contract that the previous landlord had signed with the tenants.

This fact is included in the deed of sale and although it is not a 100% guarantee if it is an indicator that you are going to continue in the same conditions as you are at least until the end of the contract.

components.soyInquilino.¿Voy a tener que enseñar la vivienda?
No, in the majority of cases. Although it is almost inevitable in a sale process, there are many investors who do not need to see the property.

That is what Inviertis' job consists of, in being rigorous with the information we provide regarding the property through technical reports and its status thanks to our professional photographers.

The last one is the verification process that we carry out with “our tenants”.

In addition, we also filter our investors, only buyers with real interest and proven solvency can access the property and only once a purchase offer has been accepted by the seller.

We try to have a maximum of 1 visit = 1 sale.

Do I have more preference in the sale?
The right, the prefernce of purchase and even claim the property after the sale in the same conditions than a third party, until June 2013 that right was inalienable.

We always advise the owner to offer the house to the tenant for the minimum that they would be willing to sell the house, as it would save them a lot of effort and time.

If you have this right, after the sale, you have to be informed of the conditions in which it occurred and you can claim the sale for yourself in 30 days if you do not they offered it under the same conditions.

Keep in mind that to exercise either of these two rights it is necessary to have them recognized in the contract or, failing that, not to have waived them.

I have received a burofax, what do I have to do?

The urban leasing law provides that the tenant has purchase preference in case of disposal of the property. This right can be waived at the signing of the contract if it was signed after the reform of the Lau of June 5, 2013. (Urban Leasing Law)

Generally speaking, at this point, You may receive a burofax that informs you of your right of first refusal or only of the owner's intention to sell This reliable communication, It must be done at least 30 days before the sale, but that does not mean that it will be done immediately.

At Inviertis we review all contracts to make sure that the appropriate actions are carried out in each case.

To know if you resigned or not, you just have to review the contract and you will see it in a clause.


If this is your case and you have received a burofax where you are informed of that right, you have 30 days to exercise it and buy the property.

That your answer is yes ... congratulations! Get in touch with us or the owner and let's start the process.

If in the opposite case, you do not want to acquire the property, you do not have to do anything, the sale process will continue its course and nothing will change for you.

After the sale, you will receive another burofax with the conditions of the sale so that you can exercise your right of withdrawal if you wish.

In the event that you signed that clause, the burofax serves to inform you of the owner's intention to sell.

Don't worry, you don't have to do anything and nothing will change for you.

Ah! Y components.soyInquilino.en el caso de que quieras adquirirjust contact the owner and let them know.

After the sale they will send you another burofax to inform you of it and in the event that you make bank transfers or similar for the amount of the rent, they will also inform you of where to make them from that moment.